My creative practice covers a wide range of disciplines, and I love trying out new art forms! This brief list shows some of the different techniques I enjoy using and combining in my work – I don’t compartmentalise different practices, but instead use and adapt different methodologies to complement one another.

Installations are an approach which combines storytelling and visual arts or to put it another way: I create things which help people to explore themes and ideas, in much the same way that a storyteller or a writer uses words. I have created various installations and sculptures for different audiences and purposes:

The Viewfinder This was a commission as part of Portsmouth Cathedral’s Viewpoint project in 2015/16.  The piece was a moving sculpture made from recycled objects, including a spinning wheel, embroidery hoops and a bicycle inner tube. Stereotypical images depicting the Muslim community were printed on acetate and revolved past the portrait of a young Muslim woman. Visitors could see her through those images, but they actually provided no factual information about who she was. Her portrait and the corresponding images on acetate could be replaced with a  portrait of a man in a suit, a young person in a hoody, or an elderly woman. The piece was designed to challenge the stereotypes and perceptions we might have about people different to ourselves as well as illustrating that our views and opinions, like the mechanism itself, are drawn from a range of places.

Annual Christian and Muslim Celebration, Portsmouth Cathedral I have curated two community art pieces for Portsmouth Cathedral as an intentional part of the annual inter-faith celebration at Portsmouth Cathedral.

Lanterns of Hope – these twin lanterns were created by guests of all faiths present at the event in 2016. Each person, adult and child, created a design on clear acrylic tiles which were then displayed together to form two lanterns, one of which resides with the Wessex Jamaat in Fareham and its twin with Portsmouth Cathedral.

Weaving community –  guests were invited to select three strips of fabric to represent themselves, their family/community and their faith. Then, partnering up with someone they didn’t know well, each person would weave their fabric into a simple cardboard frame. These interactions created the space for some wonderful conversations as each person shared why they had chosen each piece of fabric and why these elements were important to them. The individual woven squares were then mounted into four special frames, two of which were given to the Wessex Jamaat and two of which remain with the Cathedral.

There are three further installations planned at Portsmouth Cathedral for 2018, including a third collaborative piece for the Christian-Muslim celebration, a series of interventions throughout the building as the launch event for the Cathedral’s annual theme for 2018, which is Time and finally a piece themed on mental health, using mirrors, picture frames and glass. More details and photos to follow.

Storytelling has long been a passion of mine, and I find it a useful way to teach and challenge both young and old. I offer performance storytelling as well as short stories and poetry and I’m developing novellas for children and adults.

Crafting enables me to explore a wide range of different techniques including glass painting, creating box frames, lino printing, model making (modroc and similar) air-drying clay…to name but a few! Making is both a meditative and philosophical process for me and I am happiest when I have something in my hands!

Photography is fast becoming a passion for me, and I decided I’d like to share some of my photos here. I like to use a DSLR but I also have a Fugi Instax camera, which I’m enjoying experimenting with!