My creative practice covers a wide range of disciplines, and I love trying out new art forms! This brief list shows some of the different techniques I enjoy using and combining in my work – I don’t compartmentalise different practices, but instead use and adapt different methodologies¬†to complement one another.

Storytelling has long been a passion of mine, and I find it a useful way to teach and challenge both young and old. I offer performance storytelling as well as short stories and poetry and I’m developing novellas for children and adults.

Crafting¬†enables me to explore a wide range of different techniques including glass painting, creating box frames, lino printing, model making (modroc and similar) air-drying clay…to name but a few! Making is both a meditative and philosophical process for me and I am happiest when I have something in my hands!

Photography is fast becoming a passion for me, and I decided I’d like to share some of my photos here. I like to use a DSLR but I also have a Fugi Instax camera, which I’m enjoying experimenting with!