a splash in the pond

Creative Partnerships mid-term evaluations are in full swing now, completion date 8th April. CP has a fairly thorough evaluation system where students, teachers and practitioners are all interviewed with the same set of questions, in order to provide a 360 degree view of the project.

There are nine categories to choose from for pupils, staff and practitioners, but we only select three from each section. Participants are also invited to grade the degree of impact/value in each area from 1 to 4. 1 is no impact or value and 4 is very significant.

When working with such a wide age-range of stakeholders, a degree of translation work is required, so today, with Year 3 and 4 pupils I used the analogy of pebbles in a pond: only 1 pebble makes no splash, but 4 pebbles would make a huge splash and probably go over the edges of the pond! (Obviously in the real world even one pebble makes a splash, but for the purposes of today’s evaluation, we’ll ignore the rules of physics, displacement theory and wave mechanics!)

The same questions will be asked at the end of the project and the hope, as always, is that the splash gets bigger. Perhaps a greater challenge facing schools at the moment is how to embed creative teaching approaches and how to find ways to value the incredible breadth of creative practice, in the face of a curriculum strategy which seems to say that creative practice is second class…the ripple effects from that will take longer to see, but will still have an impact.