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Full Steam Ahead!

And that was that! The Somers Park Primary School ‘Somerstown Stories’ project went off with a bang, and I would like to thank all the staff at the school for all the amazing hard work and energy they put into it.

The project was launched with the opening chapter of the ‘Somerstown Detectives’ story, featuring Carrie, Edward & Ben. It was a collaborative piece, where the children were invited to contribute to the shape and development of the plot, and both they and the teachers enjoyed it immensely.

This specially crafted story was set in Somerstown just after the war, and I’m hoping to have further opportunities to share it again with other children in the future.

Now the project moves into the wider community phase,  which has been made possible thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund. We’re planning the various activities and events that will take place across the area between late January and Easter 2012. I’m delighted to say that a significant number of local groups and organisations are getting involved, including:

  • Omega Centre – offering free adult literacy sessions and the chance to explore Somerstown’s history for yourself
  • The Brook Club – offering workshops for young people to find out more about the history of their club and the surrounding area
  • Southsea Community Centre
  • SureStart Somerstown – they will be running a series of workshops and activities throughout February, culminating in a 1940s Family Fun Day
  • Portsmouth Film Society
  • Artspace – we’re hoping that one of their resident artists will run an interactive workshop to create an installation reflecting the changing face of Somerstown
  • and more…
There’s a lot of work still to be done behind the scenes, but we’re planning to leaflet the area in the New Year to invite everyone to come along and get involved.
Watch this space!



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